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This is the transferceutical company; this is the company that has the patented products that increase immune activities better than anything on the market in the natural supplementation and the TRANSFER FACTOR PLUS TR-FACTOR product increases immune activity by 437%. If you want to compare products on the market, ask the other product as to their “quantitative” testing that shows the level of immune cell activity their products offer.  This is the most potent product of its kind to help in the strengthening of the immune system in its fight to restore and maintain good health.  But there are some situations where the body may seek to “balance” the immune activity and 4LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR TRI-FACTOR FORMULA may boost immune cell activity by a proven 283% but also is designed to enhance and balance the immune system. As mentioned with the discussion on antioxidants is the product 4LIFE RIOVIDA TRI-FACTOR FORMULA which enters the liquid market that so many people has been exposed to over the years. This product is unique in not only having the ingredients for antioxidant activity but has the transfer factor component that none of the other juices have.  The product has been created in multiple way of delivery to assist in the various needs and choices of the consumer. The 4LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR CHEWABLE delivers the benefits of immune enhancement but delights kids and adults with something they can easily consume.  As another product not shown above but offers an additional delivery system is the TRANSFER FACTOR SPRAY in orange and mint flavors. The support of this product has great advantage when traveling and the boost and support of your system is desired.  Then there is the product that began the movement into immune awareness, 4LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR CLASSIC. This product has been used since the late 1990’s and  though there has been growth in increased formulations, this product is one of the most economical yet still offers an increased NK cell activity of 204% above normal response.

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