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Whether you are seeking to gain weight, work out, and develop your body for that new look, or you have a need to take off some additional weight that bothers you for whatever reason, then these are some products that can help support that desire. It is important to know that NO PRODUCT that is natural is going to “lose weight for you”.There are drugs that can alter body function and you will lose weight but pay the price of what the drugs do in the way of damage.


The reality of weight management is that you either eat more than you burn off, or you burn off less than you eat, thus you gain weight. It is that simple, but there are things you can do that support your desire to alter your body weight. The SHAPE RITE products are excellent nutritional supplements that can help you. If you think you can eat whatever you want, as much as you want, and still lose weight then you need to rethink your process.

Obesity is a choice of eating and not a pathology. Medicine has made it a pathology so they can financially benefit from its treatment. In most cases, and there are exception, the challenge arises out of the consumers emotional concepts of eating.  You may have been raised in a culture or lifestyle from mothers or family that pushed food on you for comfort or pleasure to the point that everyone in the family was overweight.  These can be hard chains to break. You might also be living a lifestyle where you eat for business, you eat for pleasure, and you eat for comfort, not for health. We also live in a society of abundance where you are continually bombarded with the visual sales of beautiful food which registers in your body as a need.  Then we are in a rush, we eat high fat, high carb, high sodium foods which are washed down with high sugar drinks, and then wonder why we are overweight, tired, and not feeling well. Nutrition is essential for restoring and maintaining health. Medicine is not correct that obesity is a disease, but they are correct, as are chiropractors, nutritionist, and fitness professionals that obesity is not healthy. These products need to be reviewed as to your desire to change. When you find the right combination your will achieve your goal.

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