4Life Immune System


People are always looking to find a cure for disease. Too many times we are looking outside the body for that cure and not paying enough attention within the body. The statement of ONLY THE BODY HEALS has been made over and over again, especially when it comes to nutritional support. Though we are continuously bombarded by drug advertisement that likes to leave an impression that “drugs cure” this has become one of the most dangerous lies perpetrated on the public., we think that there is a pill that will cure them and if not, it will be soon discovered.  Those who have been enlightened by recognizing the true nature of health and wellness have been trying to get the message across for decades that the true nature of healing is in the support of the body, in prevention, in offering the best source of nutrition and when necessary supplementation for the body to do what it can to resist health challenges or to help in supporting the body’s ability to heal. This is what many products can do, and especially the unique and outstanding quality of the 4Life products.  The simplest of this is something that has been around for nearly a century in our conversation, vitamin C. LIFE C is an outstanding source of this beneficial vitamin. It continues to be a source of support for body systems that needs to be considered in your nutritional addition.  IMMUNE FORMULA is another excellent product designed to offer immune support.  But, that which has put immune research on the forefront of scientific minds are the unique formulation of TRANSFER FACTOR PLUS TRI-FACTOR and TRANSFER FACTOR TRI-FACTOR FORMULA. Both represent the finest in immune balance and support.  You need to review the benefits of each to decide which might best add the support your body might be requiring.  Nothing on the market compares to the benefits of these two products.  The final immune product is RIOVIDA TRI-FACTOR FORMULA antioxidant juice blend. Offered in a pleasant tasking juice formula of acai, pomegranate. blueberry and elderberry combination with the patented blend of immune support. This product has been praised by physicians internationally for its support of the body’s resistance.