Brain Support

The most vital area of the body is your nervous system and the center of that system is your brain. This system is vital for the health and welfare of the body and is the controlling system of all other systems, either directly or in-directly. Making this point it is hoped that the reader understand the paramount importance of taking care of the nervous system (brain) and supporting it against undo stress and damage.

This is the primary objective of the 4Life Research Company’s Targeted Transfer Factor product called “RECALL”, the full title being: 4LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR® RECALL®. Its primary support function is for brain health (including the nervous system) and a secondary support of the immune system, heart support and aging. It has been especially formulized for the targeted brain support for optimal mental functioning.

In its description it is stated to feature certified 4Life Transfer Factor® and other ingredients to lend important support to the brain and central nervous system. Also it promotes brain function and blood circulation. Recall contains proven ingredients to support brain health like

Also in support of is the 4Life Research Company product, BioEFA With CLA which is also designed to support brain health and heart health with a secondary support for weight management.  This product contains essential fatty acids for healthy heart, brain, and respiratory function.