Cardiovascular Support

Cardiovascular Support and Transfer Factor Cardio

The two leading causes of death are from cancer and number one is from problems with the heart, heart disease, heart attacks, and heart failure. The cardiovascular system is essential to bring the nutrients to all parts of the body and pick up the waste to be eliminated. It brings necessary oxygen to the cells to maintain their health and the agents of defense from the immune system are always present through the system to fight any disease agent. It is vital that this system be protected and also allow for as much support as you can nutritionally manage. We do exercises that we call "cardio" exercises. This is great to physically stimulate the heart to pump blood through the body for all the above healthy reasons. But you can do more, 4Life Research has created several products to SUPPORT  this system. The 4Life Transfer Factor Cardio is a product designed with the specific transfer factors that have been created for that purpose. Having the balance of all nutrients is also essential and that is the purpose of the Rite Start Men and Rite Start Women, both with all the nutrients necessary for balance. Additional products that might be of support are BioEFA with CLA which features potent omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids from fish oil and other ingredients to add to the support of a healthy heart/