Cleansing / Detox


A lot of people are confused when the conversation comes up about cleansing and detox. To help make this clearer, we are going to separate them based on the area of support. Cleansing is generally referred to for the INTESTINES, in other words “intestinal cleansing”. This is something that when there is constipation, sluggish bowel, or other ways of discussing the slower of discharge of the waste passing through the intestine can also relate to making the bowels more “toxic”. To avoid that you can assist and support the elimination process through the use of more fiber such as FIBRE SYSTEM PLUS, with a natural laxative such as PHYTOLAX and also the benefit of s stool softening product such as TEA4LIFE. These three products are all beneficial in the cleansing of the intestine. Now, as far as the term “detox” is generally referred to the liver which has the function of taking a lot of toxic elements out of our system which can build up within the organ itself, or making it more “toxic”. To “detox” this organ you can benefit from the use of natural supportive products. In particular you can use the product SUPER DETOX.  This is a great product for that purpose. Our professional advisors mention that this is done for a shorter time (i.e.; a month or two) and not an ongoing product. There are all sorts of levels of toxicity in the liver and each person is an individual and can require shorter time, or longer time depending on the level of abuse the liver may have experienced.  Other support products might be advised in more serious liver situation and can be discussed with our professional staff.