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4Life Transfer Factor Classic

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Why Transfer Factor Classic?

4Life Transfer Factor Classic is one of the earliest product from 4life research company. It's been on market over 15 years, but still popular in our customers. The original ingredient concentrate of transfer factor molecules from cow colostrum. The specialty of these molecules support the immune system to fast respond, recognize and remember potential threats to your health. 

What's Transfer Factor Classic's benefits?

The primary support of transfer factor classic is immune system and general wellness. In other word, it also gives you healthy energy levels and your body's overall health. According to 4Life company, it help immune cell function with 204% boost. That means your immunity responding faster than normal immune system, and better than most of the product that you consume. Please check here to know what's that 204% immune system boost mean .

The secondary support transfer factor classic is cardiovascular and energy.

How do you use Transfer Factor Classic?

According to the direction, take 3 capsules daily with 8 oz of water or fluid.

If you want to know more about boosting immune system with higher amount, please check 4life transfer factor page.



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