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What is the 4Life Research company?

This is the most unique company in the supplemental and nutritional production category. The uniqueness stems from the 4Life Research Company and its family of Transfer Factor products, with the knowledge that is all based on Transferceutical science. This company stands above all the rest in Immune Technology and research and its Transfer Factors are the finest in the world. They have shown the world that these Transfer Factors are the building blocks the immune systems use to educate immune cells on how to recognize, responds, and remember potential health threats. No other company has yet to exhibit the quality and uniqueness of a product line that has been scientifically proven as effective as from these many supplemental agents. They have brought to the forefront the knowledge that Transfer Factor helps these cells become stronger which leads to overall better health and a more powerful immune system. 

What Can bring to you?

TransferFactorHealth has the best health and wellness products designed to assist in the many areas of support including Transfer Factor line which has Transfer Factor Plus tri-Factor formula, ShapeFast, Fibre System Plus [a great colon cleanse]. Many of the 4Life Research Company products are very similar to those you have seen on TV for example the Fibre System Plus which is a colon cleanse and the Acai Berry supplement that we call Riovida yet are much superior in quality from many of these commercial products.


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