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4Life Transfer Factor Chewable

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4Life Transfer Factor Chewable

4Life Transfer Factor Chewable is one of the most tasty products from 4Life research company. It’s orange creamy flavor, popular to all ages consumers. As long as you like orange flavor, you will like Transfer Factor Chewable tablet. Transfer factor chewable contains patented transfer factor e-xf that can boost your immune system. It’s a powerful and convenient product to boost immune support whenever you feel the need or want to support your body during times of stress and cold weather.

Transfer factors are messenger molecules taken from a person or animal that has already developed a protection or immunity from certain diseases. The transfer factors are given to people with a weak immune system to help their body defend itself against the said disease. This can be done either by taking the transfer factor orally or by injecting it. 

Despite their known benefits however, transfer factors taken from the blood and organs of people and animals are could also cause health risks.  Fortunately for consumers, 4Life makes use of cow colostrums and egg yolk as sources of the transfer factors.  This makes their transfer factor formula safe and natural.



What can Transfer Factor Chewable benefit to you?

The primary support of Transfer factor chewable is immune system and general wellness. And secondary support of transfer factor chewable is cardiovascular and boosting energy. It's a sweet product, it can be used as candy to help customers who don't like to swallow capsules products. By the way, 4Life transfer factor tri-factor and chewable both activate Natural Kill cell 283%. So, if you are not a capsule fan, try 4Life Transfer Factor Chewable!

There are some great benefits by taking transfer factor chewable, transfer factor e-xf formula can help to balance immune system, support the recognition phase of a health threat; interestingly, it educates naïve immune cells to identify a present or potential dangers in your body along with a plan for action. 




All 4Life products have no side effect. Chewable just update to new look and new formula.

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