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4Life Transfer Factor Livestock Stress Formula--DISCONTINUED

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4Life Transfer Factor Livestock Stress Formula Contains  higher levels of Transfer Factor E-XF formula. 

This product supports livestock health through acute stress situations with added vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, probiotics, and other essential nutrients;  Developed by veterinarians and nutritional scientists


Give one ounce daily for three consecutive days before or close to birthing. Drench the newborn for three (3) consecutive days, starting 24 hours after birth.

PRECONDITIONING LIVESTOCK: Drench one ounce when processing (Vaccinating & De-worming), then top-dress or drench one ounce daily for three or four days in feed. Mix in a carrier for even distribution if top-dress.

SMALL LIVESTOCK UNDER 75 POUNDS: Follow the above directions using one-half dose.

ALL OTHER SPECIES, EXOTICS, BIRDS, RODENTS, REPTILES OR COMPANION ANIMALS RAISED IN A COMMERCIAL SETTING: Add to drinking water at one ounce per liter of water. For smaller quantities mix one half ounce per one half liter of water. Use as source of drinking water and replace twice daily, or follow livestock protocol.


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