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Healthy joints and muscles require enough lubrication and cushion to move freely and easily. The body uses over 140 different joints to perform an infinite variety of movements. Limb by limb, joints frequently support the equivalent of six times the weight of your body in repetitive cycles of movement, making special care a necessity. In addition, ease of movement is supported by healthy levels of inflammation. 4Life’s Flex4Life capsules provide the nutrients the body needs to support joint health, mobility, and flexibility.

• Provides an upgraded formula with powerful support for muscles and joint lubrication
• Includes glucosamine to help maintain healthy cartilage and stimulate the production of the lubricating synovial fluid
• Includes chondroitin to support cartilage elasticity and joint viscosity

Capsules with nutrients designed to lubricate joints and support a full range of motion

Primary Support: Muscle, Bone, & Joint
Secondary Support: Antioxidant

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