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Chemical reactions in the human body system have been found to change over a period of time, especially with transition from childhood to adulthood as well as the specific life situations under which this process is taking place. This aspect is attributed to growth and development taking place in the lives of any living organism resulting to an increase in the size of body cells and consequently the body mass. Under normal living styles, the rates of chemical reactions in children and adolescents is much higher than that of adults and with the result that most unused body fats are burnt through a process called metabolism.For young adults and older people, notwithstanding the life exaction that equally demand for their input, the rate of metabolism is low resulting in the over-accumulation of waste products in the body. Most sickness among the age group of (30-50 plus) years is as of these wastes within the body. Medical reports, however show that these conditions are not by any means considered as sicknesses but rather they are the results of the over-accumulation of substances which the body cannot absorb.

So, What is Metabolite and What can it do for you?

Even though the human body has a natural means of breaking extra substances within through the enzymes released from its living cells, their low level of excretion is hampered by an imbalanced functioning of the body system and derived from unhealthy living. At this point, much attention should focus on the elimination of body wastes without interfering with the functioning of the body cells.

Due to this condition, metabolites have been introduced to counter the situation. These are by-products of any metabolic reaction whose actions in the body are enhanced by the very enzymes released from the living body cells.

what is metabolite
As a buffer to the body functioning, Metabolite is recommended for use by people of 18 years of age and above. Some like alcohol are naturally produced by the body cells and at the same time considered a raw material in industrial microbiology for the production of beer and wine. Others like citric acid are key ingredients in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Some are also obtained externally from body processes and plants, for example, atropine and antibiotics that are useful in the medical field.

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Metabolite Ingredient

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