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Pro TF Protein Bar

  • $25.95

 What is PRO-TF Protein Bar?

Pro TF Protein Bar is a double chocolate product. 

The PRO-TF Protein Bar offers a satisfying, delicious, naturally flavored and naturally-sweetened way to help you achieve your body transformation goals. Get your protein on the go with this patent pending, university-tested, and best in-class protein source. Plus, each PRO-TF Protein Bar delivers 300 mg of exclusive and patent-protected 4Life Transfer Factor®. The PRO TF Protein Bar supports every performance program and low carb nutrition plan.

• Features delicious double chocolate flavor with a chewy and satisfying crunch

• Includes 300 mg of 4Life Transfer Factor in every bar

• University tested

• Contains 12 total g of protein and only 23 g of carbohydrates

• Offers body transforming 1:1 ratio of high-quality protein to net carbohydrates

• A portable and shareable way to get your PRO-TF Protein!

Each Pro TF bar only 190 calories 9 g net carbs, and 6 g of dietary fiber.

Did you know?

Human beings cannot live without protein; it gives our bodies structure . Protein is also important for building and maintaining healthy muscle, which can be lost as we age, making it vital to the support of healthy aging. Including protein in each meal will help you feel full longer and maintain a healthy weight.

Not all proteins are created equal; our bodies can use animal proteins better than plant-based protein.

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